The Westside Elevated Railay The Westside Elevated Railay Mr. Charles Harvey with the test car Mr. Charles T. Harvey demonstrating the cable propulsion method on the elevated railway. The cable return is under the sidewalk rather than directly under the track as it would be later. The type of column used here would have had to be replaced or modified to make space for a return under the track, and regular cable service never ran on this segment of the line. 60277081 The cable car on the structure The transition from one cable to the another 60277083 The single track cable structure The structure transitioned from the East side of Greenwich to the West side of Ninth Ave at Little West 12th St 60277085 The curve at Gansevroot St This is where Greenwich St turns into Ninth Ave 60277088 The cable single track structure 60277084 The single track cable car structure 60281136 The cable structure at Trinity Place The cable structure at the intersection of Greenwich St and Trinity Place at Morris St 60277086 Construction of the first station at Dey St West on Dey St 60281769 Construction of the first station at Dey St South on Greenwich St 60281770 Cable Operation on The West Side & Yonkers Patent Railway Cable Car 1 at the original 29th St Terminal 60277087 Map of the Yonkers and West Side Patent Rwy This map covers the period from 1867 to 1877 from the original cable operation to the Steam Operation by The New York Elevated Railroad Company 62433808 West Side El End of the Line The original section of the West Side El Dey St South to Morris St was not built to handle the returning cable. That section of the structure was used to stor equipment. Two pieses of equipment asr seen here; one is the hand car or the truck that Mr Harvey used for the demonstration and the is a mystery car or possibly a dummy locomotive. 144222519 West Side El 59th St 154111347 West Side El 42nd St 154111348 West Side El 11th St 157686241 West Side El Bank St 157686242 West Side El 17th St 157686243 West Side El Harrison St 157686244 West Side El Perry St 157686245 West Side El 33rd St 157686246 West Side El 43rd St 157686247 West Side El 46th St 157686248 157686249