Time Traveling on the NYC Ninth Ave El

NYC 9th Ave El

The Ninth Ave El on Eighth Ave

The Ninth Ave El route North from 110th St went straight up Eighth Ave to the 155th St Terminal. The Eighth Ave structure was completed in stages in 1879 from the 110th St curve North to the 116th and 125th St stations on the high structure. The 130th and 135th St stations were opened next and the 145th station and 155th St terminal were opened by the end of 1879. A storage yard was built at 145th St. However, it was removed after electrification in 1905, being replaced with the 159th St Yard and service facility North of the Polo Grounds. The IND 8th Ave Subway was built beneath the El structure on 8th Ave in 1926 and replaced the 9th Ave El in 1940.





A Steam Era view looking North from 115th St showing the installation of the center track-way. The 116th St station elevator structure is ahead to the right.  

The 130th St station

The 130th St station appears to have been squeezed in between the buildings. However, the El station predates all of the buildings in the area. 

1931 view East on 136th St to the Switch tower on the 9th Ave El on 8th Ave